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Originally Posted by lauxier View Post
which heddon cane rod was considered to be their best rod?
Hello Lauxier,

Canerod was right. The #1000 was the very highest model sold by Heddon and was considered to be their finest rod. It was a sort of a "Presentation" model that was often given as a retirement gift or for some special occasion.

The highest next to that was the #60, which had a beautiful wood grip - yep, it was checkered walnut like a fine gun stock, in fact, the checkering was done by Remington Arms for Heddon. You're pretty unlikely to find one of these, but if you do call me! And if you find one marked #65, call COLLECT! Here's what #60 / 65 looks like:

The highest "practical" model was the #50 President. It looked just like the #60 except that it had a typical cork grip. All of the above are commonly seen with light brown wraps tipped black or dark brown. The light brown has often aged to a golden color. Occasionally other combinations are seen such as gold wraps with green trim, but these are pretty rare.

Hope that helps!

Michael Sinclair

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