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I know of what you speak... for me, and it just Ralph's opinion... the smallest rod that I have any real use for is a 7ft, 4wt; and the vast majority of my fishing is with an 8ft, 4/5wt. Yes, I've got 2 rods shorter than 7ft... I've used them maybe twice in a Rhoddy thicket. Doesn't mean that they're not good rods... but I just don't seem to have a use for them.

For fishing in the Eastern US a 7-8 ft, 4/5wt will handle about 90% of your fishing... and if you are going to spend some "real" money on a bamboo rod, doesn't it make sense to plop your bucks down on what you are REALLY going to use?

The 2/3 wt game just doesn't compute for me... I'm sorry, but the few ultra light rods like that which I have tried are so fussy about the line they use that you really have to search out the correct line... and then if you do get a real fish on the rod you're scared to death you're going to break something.

It's not for nothing that the rod weights that sold in the old days were: HDH, HCH, IFI (Roughly DT6, DT7, DT4 silk lines all which cast like one weight lower plastic... i.e. DT5, DT6, DT3) But then the folks back then didn't waste a lot of money... did they?

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