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Sorry Lauxier, I just read your question. The Fenwick Feralite in the pict. is a 7ft 5wt. 2 piece. It weighs 3oz. They have been increasing in value over the past few years. This one is not mint condition but then I didn't buy it to collect. Since buying this one, I have seen several of them of less quality go for up to $50-$60 more than I paid for this one. I also have an 8ft 7wt. that is a blast to fish for Carp and Bass, and you can get them quite often in almost new condition for less than $100.

I would like to say welcome and thanks for joining this forum to everyone that has been contributing lately. I was a little worried that with clarks classic and the FFF that no one would post much. look forward to meeting you at the boo gathering this year, it will be my first.
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