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You all are really lucky to have scenery like that. Here all we have is white sand and Palm trees with a splash of planted flowers here and there. Our woods consist of some over grown brush or else tall pines that just about covers them. No running streams with fresh trout just a river here and there, we do produce some nice bass here I might add but that covers much of the fresh water fishing other than Brim I think you all might call it a Blue Gill?

I seen earlier in a post that was made about the dangers of getting off the beaten path while fishing. Here it is better to stay off the paths we do have our Porch Puppies to tend with (Gators) I seen a 12 footer today sunning while looking for some Redfish You all have your copperheads I believe someone said here we have our Cotton Mouths just waiting at waters edge for you.

Mention was also made of sheer cliffs, man what I would give to have some here we have our swamps and bayous No hills at all .
The next time you walk out your door and look to the hills at all that beauty the lord blessed you all with just remember how lucky you are
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