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I was fishing Little River about 20 yrs. ago and nearly got caught in a flash flood event. It was in June and a heavy thunderstorm passed through. I had backed up under a overhanging rock out of the rain and enjoyed a good cheap cigar. It rained hard for about 45 min. then the thunder continued to rumble for about another 15 min up the vally. When the thunder finally got far away to where I could barely hear it, I left the rock and began to fish again. The water was already stained but not muddy. I was fishing some broken pocket water with a nymph and was on the far side of the river when I noticed the the water had very suddenly gotten really muddy by Little River standards. I looked back towards the road side of the river and discovered that the water had risen about a foot but was really a lot swifter. I beat a very hasty retreat back to safety and was pretty relieved to get there. Within 10 min the water had risen another foot or so and was completely unwadable. I was lucky enough to learn a valuable lesson that day and not become one. Ditto on the be careful guys
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