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Originally Posted by FishNHunt View Post
Sorry guys. Yeah, that was 1 3 inch bow not a 13 inch bow. My personal best for bow in the park is a 11 1/2 incher out of the Middle Prong under the first bridge as I waited out a thunderstorm last year. She was colored nicely and had all her fins so I would guess she was native. I went to the second or third pull off last week. I don't count them anymore.
I've caught quite a few rainbows, but nothing else, that's why I'm starting to fish the park now. The aren't many browns in townsend...That and the fact that the are "no trespassing" signs every where you go to fish below the ****. I don't know why they even stock there because no one will let you fish these days in town. I'm going to enjoy fishing in the park, I believe. It will be like having my own huge fishing preserve. See you guys Thursday.
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