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Originally Posted by BlueRaiderFan View Post
I've caught quite a few rainbows, but nothing else, that's why I'm starting to fish the park now. The aren't many browns in townsend...That and the fact that the are "no trespassing" signs every where you go to fish below the ****. I don't know why they even stock there because no one will let you fish these days in town. I'm going to enjoy fishing in the park, I believe. It will be like having my own huge fishing preserve. See you guys Thursday.
Here in Kentucky there are a couple streams like that too where the state stocks trout but all of the surrounding land is private and has no tresspassing signs on it. I just don't know why they taked the money they get from sale of fishing licenses and use it to stock other people's private fishing waters. I'll never understand that practice.

I'm sorry to see it happen in Townsend too. The good news is the park is private property for everyone and since we all share ownership, we can fish there.

As for small fish in the park, there are those days when 3" would be a blessing. Check out this monster from up around Tremont last summer.

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