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Default! Thanks for the link, Troutman.

From the link posted by Troutman:

In summary, House Bill 2856 "creates the division of wildlife resources within the Tennessee department of environment and conservation, abolishes the Tennessee wildlife resources agency, (TWRA) and transfers all duties, responsibilities, and functions of the TWRA to the division of wildlife resources (under the Dept. of Environment and Conservation).

The bill designates that funds from hunting and fishing licenses would go to Tennessee's general fund rather than being designated specifically for funding wildlife and fisheries programs.

They don't care about non-oversight. They care about getting their paws on the license money for the general fund. This bill must be defeated. I have sent an email to our rep, Joe McCord. I'll let you know if I hear anything back from him.

Here is a list of State Reps, email yours today.

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