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Originally Posted by BamaBum View Post
I screamed like a 7th grade girl at a Justin Timberlake Concert
...Humor goes along way around here...

I second Sam's, Charlie's and Neal's comments and would add this, as well: Don't overlook the in-between...There is some great water in between the Picnic area and the Sugarlands. Just park at one of the "Quiet walkways" on the way up to Newfound Gap from the Sugarlands and walk down to the stream. Its amazing how few people you will see so close to the the road (out of sight, out of mind).

I'm a huge fan of the stream from the picnic area right up and through Road Prong, but I think the water is still too cold. I would wait later in the month to attempt it. But check out the Quiet Walkways, you'll be pleasantly surprised...
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