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Default The picnic area is great

Last summer, a friend and I fished the Clinch River with a guide. We asked our guide to suggest an easy place to fish inside the park. He recommended the Chimney picnic area. We took his advice and had great luck!

Access is extremely easy in the picnic area and there is plenty of water to fish. Our guide suggested getting there early in the morning. He said that as lunch-time approaches, the stream fills-up with splashing kids and the fish stop eating. He was exactly right. From 7:00 until 10:00 we had the place to ourselves. Sometime around 10:30, it got crowed and the fish quit biting.

Iíve also tried fishing upstream of the Chimney trailhead. The terrain there is very rough. You have to hike in the stream as the brush on the banks is impenetrable. The stream is very steep and you have to do quite a bit of climbing. I learned that Iím too clumsy to fish there. Every time I approached a new pool, I spooked all of the fish -- it was kind of fun to watch them all run for cover. If you are sneaky, youíll probably do well. For me, it was a great place to go creek stompiní but a hard place to fish. Next time, Iíll leave the rod in the car.
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