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If you can't find a guide ask to hookup with someone on this board for a day trip and watch....I got some basic training from a cousin who took me up Fish Camp Prong and the WPLP one week....after that there was a lot of trial and error....then I began spending time just watching my grandfather.....he would cover a stretch of water like the dew on Dixie....I began watching him pull fish out of pockets no bigger than the kitchen sink ..... not unlike Brad Pitt's character in that "movie" I have seen a seam or pocket that has that look and waded the fast water to get to is all personal taste and how you develope your own 15 year old son already has a favorite type of water and his own way of attacking certain kinds of water...don't just limit yourself to what you read or what someone tells time you will gain your own individual signature on the water that will just seem natural.
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