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Default Kayaking WPLP

After a particularly hard rain in early fall (one of the few last year), I went up to Road Fork and WPLP. WP was raging but, since I made the trip, I tried to find some spots along the edge where I could at least throw a fly or two. As I had my head down tying on a fly, I heard this CRASH that just about made me jump out of my skin and it was a kayak hitting a boulder in mid-stream. In all, there were 12 kayaks that past me on the stream in a short time and they were flying down through the gorge. One was using oval paddles strapped to his hands that looked like a sure-fire recipe for torn rotator cuffs.

Needless to say if it was a great day for extreme kayaking, it was a lousy day for fishing but it was pretty crazy just watching those guys roar down the river - scary stuff!
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