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I agree with the previous posts. I have met up with several people through this board and all those experiences have been great. Unfortunately I to would be a little cautious if approached by someone wanting to follow me around the woods fishing. Its sad that our society has come to this, but its reality. I have only fished with a stranger one time, and it turned out fine. I wasn't in the GMSNP, I was in a relatively populated area and had my 120 lb great pyrenees with me. To some extent my dog probably gave me a false sense of security. I know she would have attempted to protect me, but she wouldn't have stopped a crazy person if they were determined to do something. Had I been alone that day I probably would have pointed him in the direction of some good water, offered a few flies and tried to politely move on.

I would highly recommend asking around on this board if you want a partner, lots of good people and good fishermen willing to help.

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