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Bear spray is always a good option (especially when carrying the ole .44mag is illegal..) But to be honest the bears aren't a huge problem. You may see some, although some is an overstatement.. You may see one.. is more like it. Typically when they see you, they bolt. However I have had a few eye me from a distance before, and I did exactly what you said, simply talked loudly. As a side note, if you smell a bear (which they smell quite strong and musty to me) you may try singing aong as you move along. Be careful with this however, for if you happen apon some other folks, they may wonder why you're singing so loudly, and if you try to explain that you thought you smelled a bear and were try ing to anounce your presence as to not startle him, they may really think you're really nuts... From past experience, just tell them you really like the goes over better
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