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Thank you for all the kind words about LRO. Bill Hey actually lives in Huntsville, Alabama but since he had a career in the U.S. Military he has lived everywhere around the world including Viet Nam. He moves here during our busy season and he and his wife plan to move here to live. Daniel, our partner helped you with the tippet. I'm the guy who thanked you when you walked out the door. We all appreciate you visiting our store and patronizing our business. We will never push expensive tackle on anyone. Paula and I moved here from Nashville in the early 90's. Thanks for coming in to visit. I'm glad you caught some trout though the fishing is not excellent yet. Watch the Fishing Report and you will know when it is. Catching a brown trout in the Smokies is a treat. I'm glad you had the experience. I'm sorry about your dog. Paula and I have two 14 year old Springer Spaniels. We know what you are feeling.

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