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Default Choices, choices, choices...

Assuming you are interested in backcountry camping and based on your preferences and my limited experience I would recommend these sites, in the following order:

1) Campsite 24 on Little River Trail. Its an easy 4.2 mile hike with lots of fishing options on LR and good elbow room for casting.

2) Campsite 60 on Deep Creek Trail. Its an easier 2.5 mile hike from Deep Creek Rd on Deep Creek. Again, its good fishing and open space to cast in.

3) Campsite 65 on Noland Creek Trail. Its the easiest hike of the three at 1.3 miles from Lakeshore Drive. The stream is a bit smaller than LR and Deep Creek so there is a bit less casting room, and I haven't had tremendous luck catching fish on Noland Creek.

Here are a few more options that I know a bit less about:
1) Campsite 93 on Twentymile Creek Trail. Its 1.8 miles to the campsite. The stream is about the same size as Noland Creek, but seems to have more casting room.

2) Campsite 50 on Chasteen Creek Trail. Its 1.1 miles from the Smokemont campground. Have never fished there, so I'm not sure what the stream looks like, or how well it fishes...

3) Campsites 39 or 40 are both less than 2 miles form Cataloochee rd. They are both above 3000 feet, so they may be a bit cold this coming weekend. I have not fished either site...

There are a few other folks that will probably jump in as well thyat have more extensive experience. Good luck! Let us know where you go, and of course take pictures and post a report when you get back...
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