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To me a tight stream has little, or sometimes no, backcast space and requires planning on how you will even get the fly into the spot you want...roll cast, flip cast, bow and arrow...

Also, any small stream with lots of rhododendron that overhang it, would qualify as tight casting in my book

A couple examples of tight streams would be Road Prong and the West Prong of the Little River [above campsite 18]. While I haven't fished it, from what ijsouth says about cosby creek, above the campground probably qualifies as a tight stream. In fact, most brookie streams seem to be tight casting conditions...

To me, even though Tremont is not as large as some of the other streams in the park, it doesn't feel like a tight stream, but there also aren't many spots that you can get full backcasts, so other peoples definitions may vary.

I like the challenge of tight streams. I can't really explain why...

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