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Originally Posted by Gerry Romer View Post
As I've discovered with my son, the only way to fly fish together is if one of you is right-handed and the other is left-handed. Then you could, arguably, fish side-by-side. Otherwise you're talking about dueling casts and hooking each other... in addition to the trees.

I'm quite fortunate that I am left handed and my son is right handed. We fish together all the time. I'll take one side of the stream and he takes the other.

When the stream gets too narrow to do that, we alternate runs. He'll take one, I'll take the next.

It seems to work.

I enjoy sharing the water with someone else. I'm not too sure I'd like it if I were fishing a run and someone I didn't know splashed down right next to me. I have struk up conversations on the trail with other fishermen and ended up fishing with them for the day. Ususally this involves chatting on the trail, and meeting up again on the trail later as we moved up or down stream to other spots. Typically, I try to be far enough away from other anglers on streams that we don't see each other unless we peer around a bend in the stream.

My son is the exception. We usually stand shoulder to shoulder and have a great time doing it.

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