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Originally Posted by brownhunter View Post
One minor correction though, that isn't a brown in the pic, but a rainbow. Just trying to clear any misconceptions.
Actually, BRF posted a picture from his excursion this weekend, which was different than the fish Brian, caught (and presumably ate...)

Brian, you brought up something that I think is interesting. While I C&R my fish, I have no problem with anyone keeping fish (within the prescribed limits, of course). I think there are folks who do, but I'm not sure why they have that opinion, after all there is enough scientific evidence that:

1) Fishing has little impact on overall trout mortality (obviously the guy you smacked on the head with a rock has a different opinion, but I'm speaking of the collective population...)

2) Many of the streams are actually overcrowded compared to the food sources, so some culling of the dumb fish will actually help the overall gene pool (not saying your fish was dumb, but he was chasing after a 1/2" piece of metal with a sharp pointy thing, wrapped in gray stuff and feathers, thinking it was food...)

3) Most trout have a very short life expectancy, so better to put him to good use, than...

btw, what do you use to carry around the fish once you have smacked'em. My sister-in-law keeps asking me to keep a fish or two for her every once in awhile, but I haven't looked into the best way of keeping them fresh while I continue fishing.
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