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My house is the same way. We still have two left after we put Bela down in December. I like the other two and they like me. However, they love my wife . Bela treated me like your dog treated you. She liked other people, but she lived for me. There was a level of devotion to me that can't be explained to others. I'm guessing you know exactly what I'm talking about.

My biggest temptation was to hurry and get another one after I put her down. It will be tough the next time I get a dog like her, b/c my tendency will be to compare it to Bela and expect the same experience I had with Bela. Someday I will have another one, but I its going to be a while before I'm ready to get attached to a dog the way I was with Bela.

I'm good friends with my vet, and the best thing he said to me was : " whats the point in having them if your not gonna love them and get attached to them?" It's always going to be like this when they die. If I would have known how things would end 5 years ago when I got Bela, it wouldn't have stopped me from getting her. The 5 years I had her was worth much more than the heartache.
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