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Recently used a pack that I purchased late last year for the first time. Loved it. I have an Orvis Safe Passage. Was able to do all the things that I could with a vest. Surprised me that I was as comfortable as I was. I wasn't sure at first. Having said that, I wish the back pack portion could be removed via snap buckles some how so when just doing a short trip I could take that part off and leave it behind. Then longer hikes, put it on to carry whatever extras I would want. Guess if and when I get another , that is a feature I would like to see. Not sure anyone makes them like that. I got an Orvis because I got an extra discount so it is not to say a fish pond or other brand wouldn't be just as good or better. But in the end, it'll come down to personnal preference. I think I am putting the vest away in the closet to stay.
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