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I use a jw chest pack that is now a hip pack....but over the years I'm beginning to realize it may be to big for me - fly fisherman are gadget happy breed and carry way more than really needed (at least thats me) I find my self using less and less of what I carry.
By nature, I'm a big time rather have it an not need it than need it and not have it, but the more I fish the park, the more I realize you can fit just about everything (a spool of tippet,single flybox, a leader pack of 3, some tippet and wieght - of which can all fit in the right compartmented fly box...etc) in a fishing shirt (camo of course) not really on belt along with a water filter bottle, and staff in hand if on abrams... course I'm still working on the ultimate carring configuration, but I'm thinking minimalist approach is really the most comfortable in the long run...
Anything extended or away from a main road I'll throw on a back pack with essentials for the "what ifs"...
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