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It looks like you have already received more and better advice than I can give you, but I will add one thing. If you are new to the sport and you want to fish dry flies, especially with the water relatively high right now, pick a fly that is visible to you. Most people that I have fished with that were just beginning have a hard time following the fly on the stream and are late on the strike or miss it entirely. PeteCZ suggested a Parachute Adams or an elk hair caddis, both should be very visible to you. Start off with short casts into medium-paced water (the ends of pools, next to larger rocks in runs, etc.) and don't move from that spot until you feel comfortable knowing the general area your fly will land every cast and you can find it quickly on the water. I find I need to do this every now and then after changing the length of my leader in order to get used to the new length of line.
Many people that get frustrated with a day of no fish, had strikes they never knew about.
Hope this helps.
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