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Well it won't be long before the fish will wake up from thier winter slumber and spring will will bring on the fish feeding frenzy on anticipated hatches and the buzz of reports on the boards of where to go and what to use...

Right now though, afternoons are typically warmer water and fishing sunny spots may put you on some more active fish....I'd turn over some rocks where ever you are and see what nymphs are about to pop as things are staging up the next few months - find and use what is most prevelant in the stretch your dries if you see some surface going between stages, dry and dropper...
But also, gotta remember, have to put in the time to consisitanly catch fish - especially if you are looking for fish year can be tough for even locals to find a fish in the winter season...and there is where the beauty of just being able to get out is worth any fish in hand...
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