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Jeff! Funny stuff ...

I guess I'm a redneck hybrid; a product of Sevier County, so red by proxy. You know, acting for that "other" in me. That comes out in me when I am grabbed by family and made to sit in a john boat and fish sauger, walleye, or bass. I like it a lot, but it's not a day wading the Clinch or hiking in the GSMNP. I like to move and enjoy the scenery and not worry about falling overboard when relieving myself. Anyway, the given is I would fly fish anywhere, and spin fish when family time comes. But I guess I'm lucky since the same people who drag me off spinning are the same who I drag fly fishing ...

By the way, my job forces me to "look the part." Therefore I have a few shirts with little crocodiles on them even some nice flat fronts by old Ralph. I guess what further seperates me from THAT pack is I buy clearance at the outlets during the off season.

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