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I don't pull in enough coin to be a yuppie lol. Just ask Bill at LOR. He had to dig through the warehouse to find a set of waders that I could afford! (Or at least that I was willing to buy). To me, fly fishing is the opposite of yuppiness (I think I just made up a word). In reality, you can buy a combo, a fly box and some flies and a decent set of boots and a vest and you are set for around $200. If you can't stand the cold water, a cheap set of waders is around $120. Not exactly big money. I have had great expereinces in fly shops in Nashville and I definitely had a great expereince at Little River Outfitters. They were VERY nice and helpful and when it was obvious that I was trying to work within a budget, they weren't snobby about it at all...I mean not in the least. Why would a person that stands in the middle of a river or stream trying to catch a fish be a snob? I could see it if it involved making deals on Wall Street or playing Pebble Beach, but this is FISHING for Pete's sake lol! Just my thoughts on the subject.
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