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Default Evidence Speaks for Itself

I challenge anyone to look at the LRO Message Board and characterize this particular community of fly fisherpersons as snobby.

When some of the most responded-to posts are sympathy for a man who has just lost his dog and a brother who is quitting smoking. When novices like me can ask silly questions and make sillier comments and the responses reflect patience and understanding. When we can laugh together at a story of a taser at Christmas and offer a teenager with high ideals career advice. When the community can celebrate with a beginner catching the first trout in the Smokies and respond without guile to the 25th question about the CSF. And we can still have lively but civil debates on fish mortality, the price of license plates, bamboo vs. plastics, mono vs. fluorocarbon.

This is not a gathering of snobs, it's a community of folks with a common interest in fly fishing (regardless of how much or how little we've spent on our rigs) and a universal interest in each other. Yeah, some of us wear khakis and a nice shirt to work but that's not what defines us. Our passion for fly fishing and our concern for each other define us.

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