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Default yuppies

Many overly broad sentiments like those expressed by WNCFLY's friend, although unfair when applied to any particular person, have a little truth to them. Let me demonstrate by asking a few questions:

1) Do you think of folks who dunk corn for trout to be of below average social class, average, or above average?
2) What about folks who mostly catfish?
3) Golfers?
4) Nascar fans?

I think that although we may be fast to defend flyfishing, and maybe deny the yuppie nature of it, well, lets also think hard about our views of the social status of people in other activities, and maybe that will give us a more complete framework for viewing the things we do. For example, I think that it is 100% certain that if I randomly gather 100 people who primarily catfish, and 100 people that flyfish, the flyfishers are gonna have a MUCH higher income as a group.

Of course, one can't use that to point at a particular individual, and say, "You are a yuppie because you flyfish." If a poor person wants to flyfish, he can. If a rich person wants to catfish, he can. And sometimes this actually happens.

Personally, I think flyfishing still has far too many pretentious, snotty types. I've been in a western fly shop, while wearing a baseball cap and t-shirt, and felt the eyeballs of the staffers, wearing their $400 Bean outfits and $100 Filson hats, burning a whole in me. The woman manning the cash register acted as though I were dipped in sewage (trust me, I wasn't). And she acted this way even though I'm trying to buy stuff in her store!

But I also know a lot of great, down-to-earth flyfishers too. And I love to flyfish too, so scr** what anyone else thinks about it. I love catfishing with a 6-pack, lounge chairs, and a bucket of fried chicken as well.

I'll have to say that nvr2L8's view about the message board seems right on... The folks of this forum certainly seem more down to earth than the average flyfishing community. In fact, by and large, I think the people on LRO's forum are wonderful. And I'll also add that LRO is the best fly shop I have ever been in, partly because I don't think Byron would ever hire a pretentious snob.
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