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Default Bears and snakes

Just wondering when the bears and those long, skinny things that slink around on their bellies return to the park from wherever they spend winter.

I certainly respect the bears, but don't really fear them. Saw a small one at Cade's Cove on my first GSMNP trip about two years ago and he was gone before I could even get a picture.

Snakes are another matter. Don't like them. Do fear them. All kinds.

In May 2007 I was preparing to fish at Metcalf and was walking down a path when a rather large snake appeared ahead of me. Didn't stay around long enough to get introduced. I left there at about the same speed as that bear avoided me.

Plenty of other places to fish, I figured. Mr. Snake could have that one to himself.

See y'all soon, Hedge.
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