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Default Lumbar downside

Originally Posted by WNCFLY View Post
I wear a William joseph chest pack. It has everything right there when you need it, but I am getting to the point were I just don't like having things hanging on my shoulder or close to my face. I think I am going to purchase the fishpond waist pack soon. I like the idea of having total freedom from anything on my upper body...
I think you're headed inthe right direction, WNC. When I used to wear a fishpond lumbar pack - and they really are the best solution IMHO - I would always end up dunking it in a deep hole because it rides well below the top of my waders. The only option is to take it off and sling it over your shoulder when wading deep. Oh, and they are not water tight so a dunking means drenched gear. I still use it if I am a long way from the road/truck.
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