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For me, chasing trout with a fly fills the niche in fishing that chasing deer with a bow fills in hunting. They both require study, practice, and patience. They are both sub-cultures of their larger respective sports, and they are both an exercise of form over function.
This is not to say that I turn my nose up at either rifle hunting or other kinds of fishing. I just get a greater deal of personal satisfaction from the form of flyfishing and bowhunting.
So here's my question: Why are bow-hunters cast in a different light than flysfisherman? If it is for actual dollars spent on the sport, after broadheads, scents, tree-stands, clothes, liscenses, ATV, etc., I spend more on bowhunting than on flyfishing. What about waterfowling? Boats, decoys, waders, calls, lights, dogs, dog training, etc. How about deep-sea fishing? I don't even know the equipment you would need for that, but I am sure it costs more than my Orvis 5-wt, or my Browning compound.
Now I'm rambling. But as I haven't come across any pretentious yuppies on this board, I'll assume you forgive me.
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