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Originally Posted by mtnman2888 View Post
Just a little something that i've found true: If you go out looking for snakes, then you'll find them. Sure, you'll run across one every now and then if you're not looking for them, i mean it's impossible not to crawling around in the woods like us fly fishermen do, but don't look for them.

A more true statement couldn't have been said.

* Disclaimer* I am not a biologist. Just someone who spends an awful lot of time in the outdoors.

I see bears and bear tracks all winter long. I have heard that the male bears in TN don't really hibernate. They just go into a deep sleep then wake-up and wonder around every now and then. From what I see, I have to believe that this is true. I understand that the females stay denned with their young ones all winter. Just this past Sunday I did see some tracks of a female with 2 cubs, so they are coming out of their dens now. One of the reasons TWRA has the longer bear season in December is because the females are in their dens and the males are still out and it reduces the harvest of the female bears.

As for the snakes, I have not seen the first one this year. However, it's about time for them to come out. You'll start seeing them hit on the road when they come out. The sun heats the asphalt through the day and when it starts cooling down in the evenings, the snakes will lay on it to stay warm.
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