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Default snakes

Let me start off by saying that I'm scared to death of snakes, my wife's not. My wife and I were fishing on the Bald River several years ago. We were standing streamside and my wife looks at me and calmly says "hey look, a copperhead". I naturally froze in mid step. While delicately balancing on 1 toe I whispered "where". I figured if I made any noise above a whisper, the snake would hear fear in my voice and come straight for me. My wife, still calm, replied "right by my left boot, halfway under the rock". By this time, my heart was beating harder and faster than it has ever beaten in my life. My wife and I disagree as to what happened next, but I remember it like yesterday. I jumped in between my wife and the snake, whisked her off her feet and carried her to safety. My wife will claim that I went running down the path squeeling like a little girl. However, while fishing the rest of the day, I was "looking for snakes", and saw them everywhere. I was amazed at how many snakes are actually out there.
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