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Well, I had to respond to this post. I am a son of a mill hunk born on the wrong side of the tracks in a mill town in Pa. I was born in a row house and we shared walls with the neighbors. I learned to fish with worms and corn and used to fish in the old days when the turds used to float from the treatment plant into the good old Susquehanna. I am 55 years old.

Flash forward to now. I started fly fishing because it was the way to fish in the Smokies which I do whenever I visit. I like wearing Simms waders and I have a pair of Simms wading boots. My favorite trout setup is my Scott 3wt. E2 I believe with a Ross Evolution reel with a 70$ Rio flyline. I have a wood landing net attached to a magnetic zinger on my back. I use a Filson strap vest. If you saw me on the stream, I suppose a lot of people would pre-judge me as a "Yuppie" fly fisherman. The reality is I don't want to climb the learning curve and I can afford it. I personally resent people from both ends of the spectrum, that being people who buy the gear to be an elitist and the people who would never buy the gear because they are elitists on the other end. Just have confidence in who you are and judge people by their character.

John B
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