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Default bears

I ran into one at the first small creek above the horse camp in Cataloochee. Palmer Creek had risen a foot and gotten murky while I was walking in, and after a trip over I was going to wet my fly, I took off up that little creek and caught 2 in 2 holes. The third hole I wasn't paying any attention and when I set the hook on a brook, much to my surprise the log on the creek bank I thought I had saw happened to jump up and run off on my hook set. It was about a 300 pound black bear and it took off absolutely flying, knocking down a small downed tree. I, in the other direction, wsa making just as good time back to th trail. The two guys I was with thought I was over in the woods throwing rocks, until they saw me sprinting down the trail white faced. 2 feet is the closest I have ever been, and I don't plan on ever being that close again.
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