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I'm watching this thread too. I've always been a vest kind of guy myself. I've checked out some of the fishpond tech packs and like the idea, but having something that bulky sticking out in front of me I'm just not sure of. The extra storage in the back is nice, but really kind of useless on the water. It seems like you'd have to take the vest off to get to the stuff back there. My old vest is nearing the end of its usefull life and I'm undecided if I want another vest, one of the tech vests or a lumbar bag. I may end up getting a new vest and a lumbar pack. The lumbar pack seems like it would be good in the summer when the vest is too hot. Of course a mesh vest would be good too.

The problem with so many choices is it gets kind of confusing (especially for a simple minded guy like me)

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