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Originally Posted by monktrout View Post
I have to admit it-I want to carry everything. I know there are good arguments to go minimalist, but empty pockets must be filled! I need help. But you never know when a green drake hatch or salmon flies could crawl on the east-west prong of the North-South River. When it happens I will be ready. I have been hauling around those Montana fly patterns for 10 years and I might have my day in East Tennessee. I use a vest to carry around my micro fly shop.
I'm with you brother. One of my problems is I fish warm water and cold water and sometimes on the same day. I may start hitting sunfish and bass in a local stream and then head about an hour away to go after trout in the Brookville tailwater. So my vest has everything from 3X tippet to 7X tippet and other goodies.

Last year, I did finally split my fly boxes into warm and cold so I don't loose #20 griffiths gnats among #6 woolie bugger.

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