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I am no expert, but something that I have found that helps me is to just watch for awhile. Because of the limited time I have on the water, when I first started fishing I would drive or hike to where ever I was going to fish, jump out, get my gear together and hit the water and flail away. Now I get my gear together and then find a comfortable spot, and sit and take in the view for awhile. I watch what bugs are flying around, what direction the wind is blowing, is there any rise going on, study the stream flow, try to decide where would I hide if was fish, etc. After awhile it all starts to come together. Then I start to fish. Do I catch a lot, no, but I blame that more on my inability to detect bites quick enough letting some get away(I'm getting better). But you know what, I come to the Park for relaxation and while I love catching fish I probably enjoy the time observing my surroundings almost as much.
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