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Neal, I made it up to Fish Camp Prong on Saturday and I agree, it is a beautiful area (even nicer than I expected). The water was 46 degrees but I still managed to catch a few on dries, including a really nice 12" brown on a #12 Yellow Stimi. The water was up too high, though. I probably would have done better if the water wasn't as strong. I suspect the fish are ready to eat almost regardless of the water temp, but the flow was too much to get them out of their holding spots. In the few areas I found with slower water, I was able to entice fish with a dry...but those spots were few and far between.

I completely agree on the need to camp to explore this water, more fully. There are a few young guys on here who could cover a lot of territory in a day, but three hours of fishing combine with 8 miles (three hours) of hiking, had me completely worn out.

I'm sure that Goshen Prong gets very little pressure (campsite 23 is almost 7 miles from the TH at Elkmont. I would expect that since 24 is a more visited site that there are a number of folks who could comment on the brookie water that Rog is referring to. Of course, just because they could comment, doesn't necessarily mean that they would comment...

It was very hard to hike up to the Goshen Prong Trail. I had to shield my eyes from LR the entire 3.7 miles. There were so many spots along the way that I just wanted to stop and start fishing. I would love to know how David and Craig are able to resist the temptation to stop and fish, instead of hiking on through...
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