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The first time I fished FCP was with my cousin and I was 14...had to hike in from the original gate above Elkmont...about a mile above the present gate...could not believe how much good looking water we were family's pet area was the upper reaches of FCP...especially when you could drive up to the forks of the river....there is actually an island just below the Goshen Prong fork and the right side of this water was always a grandfather's favorite pool was just at the lower end of the island...always yielded a good get to the pure spec waters of the upper LR in the Three Forks area I believe an overnite trip is a must....once you get to 30 there are no trails along the river and you have to come out the same way you went in....I can remember some great water up there and some good fishing to boot....back then there were no browns on this section of the I have caught them up above 24 and up Rough Creek....I would like to spend about a week at that whole area ....
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