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I had the opportunity to hear Steve Moore, the Park fisheries biologist, speak a couple of weeks ago. His two main topics were the effects of the drought on Park fishing and the brook trout restoration project. If he's speaking anywhere within an hours drive of you, I recommend making the effort to hear his program. I don't know about his fishing abilities, but he forgot more about "fish" on his drive back to Gatlinburg than I'll ever know. He does a great one hour program.

Back on topic. He said that browns have a better ability to adjust their diet than bows. So while the larger and older rainbow population suffered somewhat due to low water and lack of insects, the browns changed their diet to what? Salamanders and crayfish. So sounds like if you're after big browns, these patterns have a lot of merit.

For what it's worth, he also said brookies didn't suffer too bad because they're at higher elevations, hence colder water.
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