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Default Campsite #70 from Clingman's Dome??

Craig, are you really coming down to CS#70 from CD? Why?

Its 8.5 miles down (and then up), when you can come in from the bottom with much less elevation and its only 6.2 miles...

Now if you were fishing at #68 or even #69, then I could see it, but geeeeesh that seems like more work, to just go to #70...

Also, I updated the fish camps file with a few extra alternate routes, base on your tendency to hike things the hard way....

gmreeves, If you came in from above, I hope you meant #68 and #69 (see my note above to Craig). The lower of those two (#69) is at 2800' elevation so it wouldn't be a pure brookie stretch, but #68 is at 3960' and should be full of brookies. Hopefully it was at #69 that you didn't find as many brookies...thanks for the info, very few folks ever seem to comment about Forney...especially the upper parts...

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