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Haha yeah it's awful discouraging when horseback riders arrive. Last year on deep creek we shared the bryson's place campsite one night with some and while we were warming up oatmeal in the mornings, they pulled out the kitchen and cooked eggs, ham, bacon, the whole nine yards. We had been eating dehydrated meals and backpacking food for a couple days, so needless to say i was a hair close to holding them up at "rod point" for their food. I don't think my 4 weight would have scared them, though.

Anyways, thanks for the advice so far everyone, it helps me get an idea of what to expect. So far it sounds like the fishing should be great. I know it doesn't have the reputation that other streams in the area have, but i'm hoping that does not represent the fishing. Does anyone know if the trail down from the dome compares to the enloe creek trail from straight fork to raven's fork? I can't imagine it being worse than that but you never know. That trail was definitely an ego check.........

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