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Originally Posted by cardfly View Post
Way to go!

How easy is the access up there. Our family is coming down in 2 weeks and me and the 7 year old are looking for a place. I hope another Ky fly fisherman has a little luck too.
It's not a difficult walk at all. Take the road up by Tremont (about 50 yards past the "Y" heading toward Cades Cove. The stream runs right by the road. If you want to walk a little, go to the end of the gravel road. There are two paths that go along the rivers. Either one is easy to access. The one to the left is a little more difficult to get to the stream, but the paths are very level. Very pretty water up there. Actually, all of that stream up by Tremont is pretty water. Lots of pools, riffles, plunge pools, just a pretty place to spend a day fishing.

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