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Originally Posted by ijsouth View Post
There's a bunch there, from mom&pop type places to the chains...we were at the Comfort Inn - it's still the off season, so rates are cheap. The only downer was that our favorite breakfast place, Joey's, is closed until April. Maggie Valley is a lot like Townsend, only more so....a lot of seasonal businesses that simply don't find it worthwhile to be open except in the summer.
i love maggie valley for the simple way of life.i have stayed at all ends of the and the wife stayed at the cataloochee ranch and enjoyed the high end.we have stayed at jonathon creek inn which is the middle and this fishing trip i have a room at the 40 dollar a night stoney creek in which is a mom and pop but to me not the low end except for price.nice little place.with it on the creek i wish the hatchery water opened on the 1st and not the 5th or 6th. would be nice to sit on the perch and fish for trout.maggie valley fits the old saying that you can not judge a book by its cover.
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