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Plateau Angler, it was nice meeting you too. We went up above Elkmont and I managed to get a few to come up for a dry fly, but like you, not as many as I expected. The suprise of the day, however, came at the end when I found a fish that was every bit 16 inches, and probably bigger but I am accounting for some excitement that may have skewed my perception. Anyway, he came up to look at my fly but didn't take. I tried a few more times, changed flies, and then even let it sink and stripped it in like an emerger, but just couldn't that big ol' boy to commit. He came to look a few times, but wouldn't be fooled. Anyway it was a great day, even if the joke was on me, too. My buddies were crying at that point about how their wives were going to be upset. And even though I told them to relax because they were with my wife and she would assure them that if I said 6:00, I really meant I would start thinking about it at 6 and probably be home some time after dark, they got me to leave and we drove by you on the water just before the lightning hit. You were knee deep and having fun.
A side note from the same day: Here is a shameless plug for LRO. I stopped in there Tuesday morning with my buddies who were visiting. My buddies needed liscenses. Paula took the time to ask if my friend was in the Marines, too. He is, so she informed us that he didn't need a liscense, just leave papers. She let Jay get on the computer, and print out his leave papers. That's not customer service, that's helping a guy out, and that's why I love going there. Just one example.
Anyway, I brought a nice tom to within 40 yards this morning but we couldn't get a clean shot. I have to go hit the rack so I can get up early, because I plan on getting that bird on the ground tomorrow.
PA, nice meetin ya.
Paula, it was nice talking to you and thanks for the help.
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