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I have an osprey aether 85 pack, which is big enough to pack everything i need inside of it sans waders and boots. I can get my tent, poles, food, sleeping bag, clothing, chest pack, and everything else inside the pack. I then strap my rod to the side in the water bottle holder and strap it down up higher with a buckle. As far as waders and boots are concerned, i have a waterproof simms bag for my waders that i stuff them in and then i secure that to the bottom of the pack alot like most people secure their sleeping bags. I started out putting my boots in this bag with the waders, but found that it didn't work that well so i just tied my boots together by their laces and secured them to the pack up higher with a buckle by their laces. I thought they would dangle around alot and aggrevate me but surprisingly, they didn't. Hope this helps and may give you some ideas.

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