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Originally Posted by WNCFLY View Post
Show them this picture! I will take a beautiful 10" native brook over a 20" dough belly any day.
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Nice fish, and this topic reminds me of something my oldest daughter was telling me the other day, while we were fishing. On one of our trips last summer, we fished Road Prong, and there was a steady stream of hikers, tourists, etc. She was fishing behind me, so I didn't see or hear this exchange, but she told me some idiot came up on the trail and was making fun of her for fishing there, saying "there's no fish in these streams, nothing can live in there" etc. My daughter promptly caught a small trout (I think a brookie), which you would think would shut this guy up...instead, he made fun of the small size, implying that it wasn't a "real" fish. I know, it takes all types...but it made me mad when I heard about it.

Like others on this thread, I've done all sorts of fishing; the sort of fishing we do here in the marshes and swamps of Southeast Louisiana is far different from the mountains, but I still enjoy it. However, these mountain trout are special, and it has to be due to a combination of their beauty (face it, I don't think we would get so worked up if these fish looked like carp, or suckers, etc), and the surrounding environment, plus the artistry involved in the method of fishing itself (fly fishing is far more graceful than chunking out a plastic bait under a popping cork on spinning or casting tackle). It's definitely a state of entrancement, almost like a dream's hard to explain in words.
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