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Smile It is funny the reactions...

I'm sure this is a norm for you Guy's that are in the creek all the time. But last April, during my first Fly Fishing Trip to the Mountains ever, I was standing in the River at Metcalf Bottoms having a little luck. This nice Asian couple came to the bank and watched quietly for 30-40 minutes. When I stopped to re-tie the lady asked (in heavily accented, broken english) if she could take my picture...I was taken aback but agreed and she started snapping away...back cast, high stick, roll cast etc etc click click click. Finally I fooled a young 'bow on the rise (that had vexed me for an hour it seemed) and brought him to hand and walked over to the bank so the couple could see the 4-5" Rainbow. They were delighted! The husband said "Beautiful fish, but I see that not why you really in look more fun just trying!"

After some more photos of Mr. Rainbow... we released him and I waded back into the stream...the lady said "that fun...can you do it again!"

Over the three days we were there people stopped and took our picture numerous times at different places on the river...I keep thinking I'll show up on some internet stock photo distributer...but then I look in a mirror
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