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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
I got you IJ, I read into it too far.
No problem...kinda figured that. I probably didn't make the point very well, which's not just like comparing apples and's more like comparing apples to asparagus - it's a totally different game, not inferior, but different. Our inshore saltwater fishing might be the best in the world, as far as raw numbers are concerned. Even with a deteriorating, disappearing coast, the amount of fish available is staggering; these fish, particularly the speckled trout, reproduce in such large numbers, so the limits are fairly liberal (although not as relaxed as a few years ago....and my dad could remember a time when there were no limits). So, it is more of a numbers game down here - there isn't much of a catch n' release ethos, for better or worse. It's a little different with the redfish; the purse seines almost wiped them out in the 80s, feeding the blackened redfish craze. We're limited to 5 a day with them, and it's the redfish that are the better target for the fly - I'm going to get some this summer...they pull like a freight train. On the flip side, I kept a few trout this last trip...the first time I've done that. They were rainbows, from Lynn Camp, and they were certainly well beyond the minimum length, and I did so in the knowledge that the 'bows in that stream are destined to be poisoned out later this year anyway - but I still felt a little odd keeping them. However, my daughters and I certainly enjoyed them a couple nights later.

It's funny to think about the topic of snobbery...sure, there's a lot of it in fly-fishing, although I can honestly say I haven't met anyone in person who would fit the definition...yet. There's snobs in other forms of fishing, just takes different forms. For the most part, it takes the form of having to have the fastest boat around; you see these guys running around here, spending all their time keeping their boat on plane instead of fishing. When they aren't running around, it's a contest to see how much barley pop they can polish off in a day. So, I believe we shouldn't beat ourselves up too much over any perceived elitism; there's plenty of arrogance out there, in any endeavor.
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